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Children's Whole Life

Guaranteed Benefits

  • Simple $1 first payment

No matter what benefit level you choose, your coverage for the first three months is just $1*. After that, you’ll pay budget-minded rates based on the coverage amount you select.

  • Choose benefit levels from $5,000 to $50,000

You can choose a benefit level and premium amount that fits your needs and your budget. Plus, whatever benefit level you choose, it will never decrease. That amount will be paid, regardless of age, as long as the coverage is in force, less any unpaid loans against the cash value.

  • Rates never increase

The low rates are based on your child’s age now. And that rate locks in for life. That means they can continue the insurance at “children’s rates” well into their adult years! It also means that the sooner your child is insured, the lower their locked-in rates.

  • Guaranteed right to increase coverage without a medical exam

This insurance can “grow” with your children – into an “adult-sized” policy that can help protect their own family someday. Best of all, future health concerns, dangerous occupations or hobbies will never get in the way – there will never be another health or lifestyle question to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase additional coverage at ages 30, 33, 36 and 39… and they can keep the coverage all the way to age 100!

  • Builds cash value

A portion of every premium payment goes to building a “cash value” in the policy. This is money that can be used to borrow against at low interest for school or other expenses … or even eventually cash in to use for a special purchase or emergency.

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